If you are interested in supporting Metropolisim during the development process I am offering the opportunity to pre-order a limited edition version of the game today. The total price of the pre-order is slightly higher than what you will pay for the same items upon release of the game. The pre-order is intended for supporters who would like to be part of the development process and who are interested in helping fund and support me to make this game. You do so with the knowledge that you are spending a little more money up front, but are also getting to join in on the experience and get some great rewards along the way.

If you want to get the game for the lowest price possible I suggest you wait until it is released into Early Access on Steam.

Please read the disclaimers at the bottom of this page before proceeding with your purchase

The price for the limited edition Pre-Order is $49.99 and includes the following:

One product key for a digital copy of the full retail version of Metropolisim when it enters Early Access.

  • Name A Building/Company – You will be allowed to name one of the fictional companies or buildings that will exist in the game. You can work directly with me to come up with a name and see it implemented.
  • Name A Citizen – Same as above, but instead of a building a company you will get to name a fictional citizen that can appear in cities created within the game.
  • Access to a Supporters-Only discussion area where you can propose ideas and give feedback on the game.
  • Your name in the game credits as a development-supporter and early backer so everyone knows you helped make this game possible.

When you’re ready to buy click the button below to pre-order and check out securely through Stripe:

Please keep in mind Metropolisim is currently tentatively scheduled to enter Early Access in 2020. I am working diligently to hit this date, but as is the nature of game development “anything can happen” and therefore this date is subject to change at any time and for any reason.

By purchasing this pre-order you understand that you are supporting an independent game developer who is creating a game that is currently considered in-development and is in a pre-alpha state which means it requires additional time and work before it will be ready for release. This purchase makes no guarantee of a date when the product will be available or delivered to you, the purchaser.

Opportunities to pre-order the game are limited and will be closed some time between 4 and 6 months prior to the game’s scheduled Early Access date. There are a finite number of copies available to pre-order and imited spots will be opened up monthly to allow me to control the speed and amount of orders that are received . Once I’ve reached the maximum number of sales per month I will close down sales until the 1st of the following month. Once I’ve reached the maximum number of sales overall I will close down pre-order sales completely.

Once you complete your Pre-Order you will receive an e-mail from me and will get instructions on the timelines for the process of the naming packages that come with this purchase.

If you have questions about pre-ordering you can contact me at metropolisimgame at gmail dot com.