A deeply complex city building and management game

What is Metropolisim?
What does it mean to be the most complex city simulation game EVER?
Here's an example...

In other city building games you build police stations and... that's it. They sit there for the rest of the game and prevent crime. Boring, right?
In Metropolisim, your police force is just one of many essential services you are responsible for. To manage the department you'll construct police stations and decide where to place them, choose how to fund each station individually, decide how many officers to hire, and assign each of those officers to a police station. Then you'll set their patrol routes within the city.

As your city grows and changes you'll need to adjust their patrol routes to ensure you are targeting high-crime areas to keep your citizens happy. You'll see your officers on the streets patrolling, pulling over cars and issuing traffic tickets, and you'll see the revenue from those individual traffic tickets flow into your budget. You'll see the actual officers respond to crimes in their squad cars. Individual officers can be killed in the line of duty. Will you build a memorial for them at city hall or in a local park? Maybe, and in Metropolisim you can if you want. But in Metropolisim, everything costs money, and balancing your budget is not easy and requires careful monitoring and thoughtful and deliberate decision making.

Do you have what it takes?

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News and recent updates
11/13/18 - Development Diary #2 - So. Much. Progress.
9/17/18 - Development Diary #1 - Welcome to Metropolisim!

The Definitive City Building Experience
LEVEL OF DETAIL - Build cities up to 10,000,000 population where every citizen is a fully simulated character. Watch them go about their lives as they travel to work, get stuck in traffic, take the train, or enjoy leisure activities.
ZONING - Designate areas within the city for residential, commercial, high-technology, and industrial growth. Then watch as construction begins and buildings rise from the ground.
BUILDING - Construct city buildings to deliver essential services to your residents. Ensure you have the appropriate coverage to meet their needs if you want your city to continue to grow.
MANAGING - Oversee the budget of your city. Balance tax revenue against expenses like essential services, maintenance, and cultural attractions to keep the treasury full.
TRANSIT & TRAFFIC -Build streets, avenues, and highways to make it easy to get around. Of course you'll also have mass transit options like subways, trains, and more at your disposal. But only once your city is worthy.

Good Simulation Games belong on PC, not Console
I am committed to this being a PC-exclusive title. The game will never be dumbed-down for any other platform. It will never be ported to consoles.
Windows, Linux, and Mac builds will be available.

Future Updates, DLC Policy, and Mod support
As a solo indie developer this project is a passion of mine. I have been playing games like SimCity for over 20 years. My mission is to make a better, more challenging city builder. I want the player to feel like they are really in charge of a major city. And I don't want to stop once the game is shipped. There will continue to be updates including new features, new buildings, and more for many years after the game is released. I will continue to add features to the game for free after the game is released. Modders and 3D Modelers will be able to add new buildings to the game.

How you can contribute to the game
Add the game to your Steam wishlist. Follow us on Social Media via the links below. I will be launching a Kickstarter in January 2019. I am also actively looking for 3d Modelers who would like to submit their buildings to be included in the game when it is relesased. Feel free to e-mail me if you are interested.